Study Tips and Tricks


10 thoughts on “Study Tips and Tricks

    • My best study technique would be that just do the work that you’ve been given and if you don’t understand it ask an adult.. 🙂

      • my technique would be having concentration, never giving up hope, always complete homework and have fun.

  1. to make home learning fun we should think of the attractive stuff such as : Say your reading a book think of the characters and think in what ways can they be attractive.. Prof i don’t know if this is good or not.. I couln’t think of something else.. 😥

  2. you should think about alot of fun things that are attractive like singing you enjoy the song with beats. I couldn’t think of anything else sorry prof.

  3. We can incorporate fun theory into home learning by enjoying studying and making it as fun as possible for example learning our numbers by throwing a ball and doing a funny dance when saying a sentence etc

    sorry if it is bad

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