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    • Hey prof Elizibeta, i think we study a second language because it is better to know more than one, and lets just say you meet someone who is Italian and they are asking for directions in Australia but don’t know how to speak english, if you know how to speak Italian then you will be able to tell them, same goes as every other language! 🙂

    • ciao professoresa Elizibeta, my suggestion for studying another language is, so we could learn more languages and get better at it. Its better for us to know more than 1 language so other people from other countries could understand our language and we could understand theirs. Some Australians feel lonely because they only know 1 language to speak, they could study another language because they would then know another lanuage to speak just the same as other people who are from different background country.

    • Hi prof Elizibeta, We should always know how to speak a second language because its is nessary just say that we were to go in italy and we didn’t know how to speak italian, how would we survive in that italy, it will turn out to be a bit hard for us, people would say that “you don’t know italian how come you’re here” so that goes for anyother language aaswell..

    • hey pro Elizabeta,
      I think we should study second language because its helpful for other people who aren’t from Australia e.g: lets say they are from Italy n they don’t know how to speak English, if we learn Italian, we will be able to help them and show them places. We can teach them English as well.

    • Hey prof Elizibeta, i think we study a second language because it is better to know more than one, because like if someone comes from Italy and don’t know how to speak english you help them by telling where places and what places are good to go if you know how to speak the language.It is even good because if you go to a country and you know their language it will be easy if you need help and good to make friends.

    • Ciao Prof Elizabeth Calder
      We study a second language because to be more smarter and we cant just learn one language at school we sould learn one or two it helps us in our study and for example someone speaks Italian and we don’t know what they are saying they thing we are dumb.

      • Hi Prof Elizebeth i think it is important for us to study another language because maybe during our school life we might go to another country and we wont be able to communicate. It is also very good to learn another language so you make new friends.

        p.s sorry for the late reply

    • It’s important to learn another language, because when you go to a certain country you will know how to speak it and understand it properly XDD

      • We are learning about how to pronounce new words from another country better and to write them correctly. XDD

    • To study a language well, we need to follow all instructions the professor/esa has given us and home learning task set to finish by the due date, i think if you do those just like I did(im good at Italian) you will be guaranteed the best teacher like mine, and you will know the language good to!!! 😀

    • You will need to follow all instructions given and need to listen carefully so you could hear well. Ask as many questions as you can related to that topic your studying, so could learn well.

    • To be better at a second language we should follow a the instructions that our teacher tell us to follow such as by listening to her in the class and by practing at home and practicing more.. 🙂

    • To study a language really well we have to focus really hard and practice a lot. We practice a lot of worksheets, check the dictionary for meanings and check our text books.

    • To learn a good language we need to follow instructions and we have to force and listen to prof and if we have homework we should finish it.

      • to study a language well you will need to enjoy studying that subject. For example if you follow given instructions,doing your homework on time and participate italian will be your favourite subject (like me). Also I have the worlds greatest teacher Prof Elizebeth Calder and that is why italian is Fun.

    • To study a language well, you have to have a lot of practise and concentrate in the language you are doing. XDD

    • Thank you Prof for all your time and effort to make this amazing site. I will always use this site for my upcoming years of italian. LOVE YOU PROF!!!!

      Great blog prof!

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