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7 thoughts on “ESL

    • “Read a lot. Because in reading we are able to live and experience a life outside of ourselves. So enjoy your time as a student for knowing how to read means you live a fuller life, as the man who dies never having read has lived only his life.” (Umberto Eco, October 2009)

      • miss the main reason that we read is for inproving our grammer and our vocabulary

    • “What could be better, really, than an evening by the fire with a book … your head is empty, the hours slip away. From your chair you wander through the countries of your mind, and your thoughts, threading themselves into the fiction, play about with the details or rush along the track of the plot. You melt into the characters; it seems as if your own heart is beating under their skin.” (p. 77, Madame Bovary, Gustave Flaubert)

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